How to say ‘Hello’ in Mandarin Chinese?

Along with a few other ways to greet in Chinese, both symbols and pinyin

Surprise your friends with these simple and straightforward Chinese greetings.

  1. Hello / How do you do?
    Symbols: 你好。
    Pinyin: ni3 hao3
  2. How are you?
    Symbols: 你好吗?
    Pinyin: ni3 hao3 ma
  3. Good morning!
    Symbols: 早上好!
    Pinyin: zao3 shang4 hao3
  4. Good evening!
    Symbols: 晚上好!
    Pinyin: wan3 shang4 hao3
  5. Nice weather, huh.
    Symbols: 天气真好。
    Pinyin: tian1 qi4 zhen1 hao3
  6. Good night!
    Symbols: 晚安。
    Pinyin: wan3 an1

Instead of a dot, the period in Chinese is a small circle attached to the end of the a sentence at the bottom right.

In the greetings above, you have met some of the most frequently used Chinese characters / phrases:

  1. Symbol: 你, n.
    Pinyin: ni3
    English: you
  2. Symbol: 好, adj.
    Pinyin: ni3
    English: good / well / nice
  3. Symbol: 早, n. / adj.
    Pinyin: zao3
    English: morning / early
  4. Symbol: 晚, n. / adj.
    Pinyin: wan3
    English: evening / night / late
  5. Symbols: 天气, n.
    Pinyin: tian1 qi4
    English: weather
  6. Symbol: 安, n. / adj.
    Pinyin: an1
    English: peaceful, quiet, safe, being in good shape

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